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Success needs to be activated, nurtured and attracted. The success stories we see around us first existed in the mind sphere of individuals. Research has shown that, what you constantly think about you ultimately bring about. In that vein, what is impressed in the mind will be eventually expressed. To alter your future you simply need to change your mind set.


On the driveway to destiny, the most dangerous thing to do is stick your eye on the rearview mirror! Our past could have been made or marred by mistakes, but we can’t change anything about it; it’s all gone! The past could have been tainted, tarnished and twisted, but one thing I like is that we can use our “now time” to determine our courses of destiny. Your future is on a pure platter and it only needs to be plied towards by passionately, patiently, purposefully and positively planning for it, not forgetting to pay the prize by means of action.


I think failure is not the most dangerous thing on earth, but failing to rise up again after you have fallen! It is so unsafe to think that failure is your final fatal destination. You just need to rethink on your life and have the best picture of what you want to be.


The innovative mind cannot fully function if you are always returning or referring to the rubbish bin for new things. What does the bin carry? Fix your eyes into the future, just reflect, but never revert into the past!


To put much thought on the negative circumstances makes a person fail and falter, but confidence in the positive propels you to the top! For example, having failed a subject at school does not mean we are going to fail again, but that’s how most people have programmed their subconscious mind. They always think they will never amount to anything in life.


Generally, going to the top is against the law of gravity, but faith is the fervent force that’s able to keep you afloat. I have known it to be the only force able to oppose the laws of nature. Faith is a fire strong enough making it impossible for you to be burnt-out by external fires or buried under high waters of failure.


An empty life is not defined by the absence of money, but the lack of purpose. Sadly, “The poorest man in the world is a man without a dream. The most frustrated man in the world is the man with a dream that never becomes reality”, wrote Dr Myles Munroe. Here a five means to keep you motivated for success:


Five things to keep you motivated!


Passion– be passionate about life and success. Look forward to better days ahead. There is nothing so demoralising like a person that has lost the drive, determination and direction for their life.

Purpose– passion without purpose is as bad as trying to shoot an unseen target. This is what is called a misdirected intention. This is purely wasted purpose. Know your purpose because where purpose is not known, abuse is unavoidable. For example, we can use nostrils to breathe out cigarette smoke, but that not it true purpose.

Planning– plan your course. The builder will always finish the structure on paper before doing the actual construction. The opposite is a disaster which most people do. Brian Tracy in his the book, 21 Success Secrets of Self-made Millionaires, says 97% of adults have not written goals for their lives.  By writing your goals you will have a competitive over everyone who does not write them and helps you stick to your purpose.

Plying– Ply the route of your dreams. Vision without venture is void. It is as good as writing policies that will never be implemented. Put your goals into action!

Positivity– the route to greatness gets rutted and rough at times. As a result, the faint-hearted give up to the grip of mediocrity. You just need to stay focused, fired and fervent.


Parting point: Paul J. Meyer puts it like this: “Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon…must inevitably come to pass!” I believe you are unstoppable; it’s all in the mind!

Jonah Nyoni is an Author, Success Coach and Motivational Speaker.

Tel:  0772 581 918. Email: jonah@classicmail.co.za



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