‘Building your wealth one business at a time’

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Uncategorized


SUCCESS life strives to evoke the best out of you so as to live a fruitful and a fulfilling life. The other means of doing that is to employ the minds of millionaires, business tycoons, entrepreneurs, self-development authors and leadership coaches.

Today we (JN) feature Stem Mahlatini (SM) a professional speaker, soft skills trainer, TV and radio host.

To her name, are eight books and has core-authored seven. She leads a US-based organisation, global counseling and coaching services. Here are the excerpts of what she said:

JN: You have been in business for some time now. What’s your secret to success if one was to run a viable entity internationally?

SM: My secret has been running a business I am passionate about and love with all my heart.
When I am counselling, coaching, speaking or training, I serve from the heart. I celebrate paid and non-paid events and services alike, because I enjoy sharing information that will transform someone’s life. The key is providing a service one is passionate about, a service that identifies you and helps change lives one way or the other. Another key is to denounce the spirit of fear and negative thinking; success is imminent when one can manage these two.

JN: Take us step by step here; how does a person move from just earning a wage to making a profit?

SM: I will give you a brief guide as I will be expanding during our event on November 2, (name of event, venue and time plus $2 snack fee). Shifting from wages to profit is not an easy thing, but possible. It begins with a dream to do better, to earn more, to afford more and live a debt, free life. I use the term DBA (Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It).

JN: Some success scholars and millionaires like Bob Proctor, Anthony Robbins, would frankly tell you that no one can become a millionaire on a salary? What’s your take on that?

SM: I fortunately agree if it is by your salary alone, because a salary is a wage that is controlled by someone else, therefore there will always be a cap as to how much you can earn. One can, however, be a millionaire if they utilise multiple streams of income as supplements to their income then yes, one can become a millionaire.

JN: The talk on multiple streams on income or MSI, seem to be gaining impetus, would you expound on it?

SM: I like the term “If you build it they will come”. Today the ones that are making it are building multiple businesses or partnering with others in different ventures. I will give you an example as an author, my multiple streams MSI include partnering with other authors to conduct speaking engagements, selling each other’s books in bundles or co-authoring books with other authors. I am also still working for myself as a mental health counsellor, which is another stream of income for me. Not being content in one business is important in today’s business, venturing in new business options is a sure way of succeeding in this MSI era.

J.N: Business is not a smooth show; it can take an unpredictable nosedive, what’s your motivation to some currently in that boat?

S.M: As with anything in life, there will be challenging moments and challenging times. It is here that new ideas, new strength, new visions, new means and ways of survival are born. It is here that people tap into that deeper inner strength that they had no idea they possess. The way I have survived is by asking myself, what can I do differently? I have learned to think and act out of the box, really out of the box to overcome the challenging times, in personal and professional times.

J.N: You have just arrived from the US to launch three books, Zero Limits, It’s Time to shift from Fear to Faith and The Power of Prayer and Belief? What your targeted market and your objectives regarding these books?

S.M:  The power of prayer and its time to shift were my first two books I authored. I was at a point in my life where nothing was working, nothing seemed to make sense. I learned to surrender, to let go and let God, I learned to shift from my own deeper fears to walking by faith. I realized the power of the serenity prayer, which in essence tells us to focus on those things we have control of and let go of those things we do not have control of. The launching of these books is proof to the power of my prayer that I would one day come back home, inspire, motivate and empower my fellow Zimbabweans especially the teens, letting them know That There are Zero Limits” to what they can create in their lives.

J.N: As parting point, what has been your best lesson in business as a woman speaker and author?

S.M: There is a lot of room for success and business in the speaking and training industry. The key to success is for all of us speakers to refer each other and recommend each other. It takes a village to raise the dormant Talent within each of us. Success in life and business will be determined by whether a person or workforce is passionate about life, motivated and inspired to do what they do on a daily basis.  In conclusion: We can choose to either find a reason to complain about life, even though these amazing miracles are taking place around us every second, or we can choose to approach and appreciate life as the gift is to all of us. After losing my sister Sheila Mahlatini this last week, I appreciate the gift of life even more. When we accept what shows up in our lives with appreciation and joy, for some reason more appreciation and joy shows up in our lives. The choice is entirely up to us!


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