Eight qualities of a great leader

Posted: December 13, 2013 in Uncategorized


A great leader has a special aura that follows him. It’s not only people that are following but special attributes. These attributes are subsequently followed by specific results. Below are precise and profound points to learn.

  •  A great leader has people at heart

This is what sets a difference between leadership and management. People are led and equipment or systems are managed. A great leader cares about people he leads. This makes people buy into his vision without being coerced. 

  •  A great leader has growth or progress in mind

A great leader grows other leaders. By so doing results are multiplied. The leader has to grow personally. Where there is no growth there is no life. Personal growth and people growth leads to institutional growth.

  •  A great leader has a great team.

A good leader has personal achievements and a great leader has team achievements. Willy Amos has a great acronym that every leader should stick in their office.  It’s from the word ‘team’.

T– Together

E– Everyone

A– Achieves

M– More

  •  A great leader inspires others

At times a leader does not force people to do a task, but people that are led should feel obligated to produce even in the absence of a leader. A great leader makes his vision clear to others and leads people to buy into his vision.

  •  A great leader praises in public and chides in private.

There is nothing so degrading and demoralizing like being reprimanded in public or in the presence of your colleagues. A hearty genuine public praise is what all people want. It lights my day! It sets my spirit on cloud nine!

  • A great leader sees into the future 

A leader has to have a prophetic insight and begin to work towards that. This makes the leader be on a better stand to adjust priorities and plan for the future. When danger is approaching, it’s the leader who should anticipate that before followers. When a great opportunity is approaching a great leader should create capacity in others and himself to handle it. 

  • A great leader does not stop with current or on past achievements

Past achievements are at times the greatest enemy of future achievements. Most people stop and bask in their previous victories forgetting that the future has more to offer than we have seen. John Maxwell in his book The 21 Indispensible qualities of a leader says, “…If what you did yesterday still looks big to you, you haven’t done much today”. 

  • A great leader is measured by people following

A Chinese proverb says, “He who sayeth he’s leading yet hath no one behind him is only taking a walk”. That’s the frank truth that most people, especially managers fail to acknowledge. Take stoke of that and start to lead! 

  • A great leader upholds good character.

Good character is like glue that sticks together all pieces in the puzzle of leadership. Talents and gifts can take a person up the ladder, but its good character that keeps him up at the top.

 Parting Point: A great leader is a person who acknowledges that leadership is not a one day stroke, but a daily process of learning and unlearning. It is also the ability to influence people to work towards a common goal.


  1. danielly chiopsya says:

    this is absolutely empowering…..great stafff

  2. mpumelelo says:

    I love the article leadership has been shown in a different perspective and chinese proverb powerful. Props

  3. gabriellahrutendo says:

    great piece and so true of great leaders

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