Power of Personal Branding

Posted: October 13, 2015 in Uncategorized


Most people associate branding with companies, but it is a great tool that makes you stand out and shine as an individual. It is about the unique trademark that you stand for as an individual. Proper branding sells you well. Being a brand is how you are perceived or known to people or your audience. A brand is what you build over time until people know what you stand for. This article derives lessons that learnt over time in making myself known as a speaker and a motivational speaker.

  • Think of your brand!
    You cannot be accidently become who you are not. The first thing is to make a conscious decision to build a brand. Create a mind picture of a brand you want to be. Think widely and vividly of what you want to become. Probably, the first step is to change the way you think of yourself, and think yourself as a brand of value. Believe in yourself before anyone does. At first it might be hard for people to believe you, but you must be the first person to have a stronger belief about yourself. Think of what you want to be known for.
  • Pose like it!
    The first time you meet a person they usually judge you by how you look. You might have become who you really want to become, buts it’s good to behave like the person you have created in your mind’s picture. Your looks matter and they attract specific reactions from others. As human being we dress for three major reasons. We dress to impress, express and cover our bodies. Cultures are expressed through a particular dress code. You go for an interview dressed in a certain manner so as to impress the interviewer. Lastly we dress naturally to cover up our bodies from a number of factors. Do not dress sloppy or as a slut. It has been said that you should not dress like a suspect but an expert. Keep a greater and grandeur standard of yourself.
  • Speak like it
    The other way to express ourselves is by vocal means. We either create or crash our reputation using our tongue. Words have energy. As a man thinks so is he. From the fullness of the heart, the mouth utters. Some people speak crap and by so doing the cripple their brand. They have a right skill and a great talent, but they cannot control their months. People never know how dim-witted you are until you speak. People are stuck in their past and in all they did not do right to an extent that they dwell in that and forget to speak of a great future and their brand.
  • Confidence
    Exude an aura of the best personality that you can be. When President Barack Obama came into office, he used confidence. The YES WE CAN catch phrase made people to believe in him. Square your shoulders up and keep moving! Be enthusiastic about what you believe in. As you greet people use a firm hand shake. Smile confidently. A smile is infectious and most people tend to associate well with people who smile. Have you not realized how unpleasant it is to try engaging a tense person?
  • Stay on top of the game!
    Complacency or contentment has led big brands to be forgotten. What makes some companies such as Google and Facebook to be on top of the game? It’s that they are never satisfied with what they have achieved. They believe there is more to life than they have been able to achieve. Mark Zukerberg the founder and President of Facebook has a personal wealth estimated to be $38.6 billion, but as we speak this past Thursday (8 October 2015) he launched a “test of reactions”. If it was someone, they would sit on their laurels, spend their money and forget that there is about brand building. In other teams Zukerberg has not stopped to explore what works and what keeps him competitive in the marketplace.
  • Improve your internet presence
    Social media is a tool that you can use to your advantage. Some people choose to abuse it, but you can use it to enhance your internet presence. As your exercise, just type your name on the Google search engine and see how you fair. Internet is a tool you can use to reach audiences that you might not have a chance to meet in your life time. Past Thursday, I sold my book to someone in Florida because they have known the value I have added to them through the social media. Become a trusted source of invaluable information on-line. Publish consistently and post what is in line with your brand. Use free platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, Instragram, Google+, different free blogs and have a personal website.
  • Use the power of direct marketing
    Engage one-on-one with people in your field and potential customers. Increase your networks. This is an old tool which has not lost is strength. Go out of your way, invest in meeting people and meet them in person.

Like a flower or garden your brand needs to be constantly cultivated, watered and pruned to keep it growing and glowing. If you leave your brand to chance it will fade and fall away. Be a brand to reckon with.

By Jonah Nyoni

+263 772 581 918


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