6 Success Lessons From A Parachute

Posted: December 17, 2016 in Uncategorized
  1. The parachute functions well when it’s open: It has been said that your mind is like a parachute, it functions well when it is open. Expose and open your mind through personal development, books and quality mental food. The functions of a parachute become known as soon as it functions. As long as it stays down, its true purpose is not accomplished. It is as good as non-existent and so are you. Get to your field and work then can your destiny be fulfilled.
  2. The parachute seems useless as long there is no work: There are times when our potential is not realised or recognised, but that does not mean we are useless. In side you are hidden or latent abilities that must be unleashed. Don’t give up as yet, but use what you have.
  3. The parachute does not open immediately: At times, the parachute does not open immediately, but, as long as it does not have a fault it will work ultimately. Such is life; at times, we want our success to be instant. We want our business to be fruitful in an instant, but life does not always work like that. At times there might be nothing to show for your success, but as you remain consistent and concentrating on your goals you will begin to soar.
  4. The potential of a parachute is known when it glides: Your true potential is known when you action your dreams. Most people are wishing and wanting, but not working out their dreams. Don’t sit down and expect life to happen to you. Take the risk. Put some action to your dream. Manoeuvre in the market place of your dreams. Go and get your life!
  5. The parachute adapts to the wind; When the parachute is open; it takes the shape of the wind. It adapts so that it functions fully. The winds of change are always blowing and those that don’t want to upgrade, and adapt are soon left behind. Set your sail properly as to benefit from any change.
  6. The parachute looks beautiful when it’s in the air: You will never know the beauty of a parachute as long as it is not in the air. When the parachute is up, people begin to gaze at its splendour. Endeavour to soar and be on top in life.

By Jonah Nyoni- Author,  Leadership Trainer and Success Coach


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